About us

Johan Egsgaard Thomsen

M.Sc. in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering

Co-founder | Product development

I love tinkering with gadgets and new technologies, but I love even more to create them myself. Especially the act of abstracting complex technologies and concepts to a level, where everyone can use it and benefit from it makes the engineering profession meaningful to me. Thus, I thrive in projects where both a deep technical understanding and a high-level perspective are required.

Emil Jakobsen

Studying M.Sc. in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering

Co-founder | Marketing and Strategy

In Consibio, we all share a love of things that grow. I am truly passionate about working with the diverse world of living systems and finding ways to understand it better with smart technologies. I love working with complex mathematical models, such that novel insights of biological systems can be extracted from simple sensor data. Inspired by passionate team-members, I enjoy working in Consibio every step of the way.

Søren Jessen Kjær

Studying M.Sc. in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering

Co-founder | Business Development

I have strong competitive spirit and a curios mind. I get my motivation from problem solving when navigating difficult situations where risk-taking is a daily companion. This, along with the constant uncertainty in starting up a business, makes my choice of co-founding Consibio the best decision I have ever made. I have previous experience in analytical chemistry, modelling of biological processes and industrial control & instrumentation which is why I think the intersection of technology and biology is a perfect match.

Ivan Markov

Studying Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration

Student helper | Marketing

I became part of Consibio at early 2019 and I am the company’s marketing specialist who studies his higher education in Aarhus. My professional expertise includes key positions in market research and analysis as well as digital concept development. As the newest addition to Consibio my role is to optimize and further develop the marketing strategy of the company including the digital and physical fields. I believe that Consibio will be a game-changer in the field of biotechnological monitoring and that is why my goal is to further the reach of our passion and enhance the user experience of our clients.

Thorbjørn Bøgh Jensen

Studying Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering


I started my internship at Consibio in the summer of 2019. Drawn in by my curiosity of innovative new technology, the place where my engineering skills can flourish is Consibio. Being able to learn, construct and finally control complex biotechnological systems is the experience I relished deeply. I also thrive when the work I do has a higher perspective, especially when it leads to a positive environmental impact. Thus, working at Consibio just makes sense.