Sunday, May 20th, 2018

BioPod is a collaborative development project funded by the Midtnet Kina project. The BioPod is an Aquaponics solution centered around the local production of both fish and plants in a symbiosis, where household wastes are utilized as fish feed and basis of plant fertilizer. The solution can work independently, or it can be coupled to an existing household and can thus create an integrated environment, that is also associated with the indoor climate.

The partners of the project are: Regnvandspecialisten, Petersholm, Sunstone Water Group , Seges, Aarhus University, Wellfarmed, Consibio and Nordicflexhouse, which is the project leader.
Consibio’s role in the project is to supply the monitoring and control solution – all governed by the Monesco system.¬†Specifically, the Monesco setup in the BioPod project utilizes the following sensor and actuator modules:


  • Light intensity and daily accumulated light.
  • Air humidity and temperature
  • Water temperature


  • 230VAC relay.