Model Predictive Control of a Bioreactor

Human in vitro digestion systems are tools simulating human gastrointestinal conditions. The purpose of the systems is to facilitate the ability to test various compounds such as foods or pharmaceuticals in a cost-effective environment. At the present time, different systems exist. Most systems are static and simple.

This has inspired a collaboration between Dupont Nutrition & Health in Brabrand and Consibio with a Master’s Thesis written by Jens Sjørslev Pedersen, a Master student in Automation and Robot Technology from the Danish Technical University (DTU). The goal of the project consists of implementing Model Predictive Control (MPC). The MPC, which is an advanced method of process control, will be the foundation of pH and temperature control in an imitated small intestine environment. In this way, it is possible to recreate human responses when ingesting various compounds.

Consibio’s role in the project is to facilitate experiments by supplying a monitoring and control solution for MPC implementation. Specifically, the Monesco setup utilizes the following sensor and actuator modules: