Optimization of Insect Production

In a collaboration between the Danish Technological Institute (Teknologisk Institut) and Consibio, two new projects have been initiated – a Bachelor project and a Research & Development project. This project description refers to the Bachelor Project.

Recently, the use of insects for human food and for animal feed have had an increase in attention in the news, as a possible substitute for meat protein since the production of insects is more environmentally friendly than the production of traditional meat protein, such as cattle and chicken. However, a sustainable eco-friendly production in terms of economic viability, greenhouse gas emission and proper use of resources, demands optimal process conditions.

Jakob Riber Rasmussen, the newest addition to the Consibio team, will write his Bachelor project in optimization of meal worm production based on real-time sensor data. The goal of the project will therefore be to identify existing and new process parameters, which can be used for modelling of edible insect production. As always, our Monesco system will be used for the sensor acquisition and monitoring. The following parameters will be monitored: